polka VI;

 Went for polka concert on 30/03, it was blast!

Really didn’t expect SMSB to perform so well ☺
Tricia, Bernice, Jolene, Natasha and myself brought our own cameras, they brought their polaroids, and i brought my DSLR ☺
Took pictures with laoshi, Ms poh and Ms lum! They were kind of the only teachers that taught us there! Saw Mr Tan and his handsome looking 4-5 year old son.
Concert started off at about 7:30PM and ended around 9:45PM, venue was at ACS Barker Hall. By the way, ACS Barker is super huge, their carpark can fit 100+ cars, whereas SMSS’s can fit less than 50. And their auditorium is like huge. I’m guessing that the ratio of their school to SMSS, is 1:10? In addition, their school has swimming pool. Yup.
Ms Poh, our biology teacher ☺
Mrs Chong, our laoshi aka 皇后娘娘! ☺
Ms Lum, our E Math teacher ☺ 

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