Both good and bad things have happened this week, and last week.

1. End of Mid Years Examination (MYE) ☺
2. Preparation of Performance for Japan Exchange.
3. Receiving of MYE results
4. Confronted Miss Tan
Let’s start off from 1, the end of MYE!
For once, I can truly say that I’ve been working hard throughout the 5/6 months all the way till MYE, and I really hope my hard work will pay off. As for the Chemistry paper, the odds were truly in my favor.

2, Preparation of Performance for Japan Exchange. The past few weeks were energy draining, and Japan Exchange Performance was obviously not helping. But thinking of how much we’ll be enjoying ourselves, allows me to have the discipline, and perseverance to hold on to the very end, when we finally showcase our performance to the Japan students.

3, Receiving of MYE results. Script checking was seperated into two days, 21-05, and 22-05. E Math, POA, Elect Geog, Chinese being on the first day, and English, SS, Art, Biology and Chemistry on the second. I didn’t really suffer much blow, except E Math. It was really my ultimate dissapointment, what’s worse was that I expected myself to do so much better, like at least a B3, but instead, I got an B4. I don’t understand why I can never do tests/examinations, and it’s only for E Maths.

Give me any other school exam papers, any assignments, and I can do it with no doubt, but when it comes to tests and examinations, my answers just come out wrong. What can I do to make it better?

Next, Elective Geography. I was quite surprised with my marks, because I thought I’d fail Elective, but I guess, you reap what you sow right? Thirdly, it’s POA, was quite amused too. I thought I’d fail POA too, cause I really hate this subject. At first I thought I scored a 38.5, but realised that, that was for Section B, and I haven’t add the scores of Section A.

Last script for the day, Chinese. I failed this by 2 marks, and I lost 5 marks in composition because I wrote 10 wrong words, and each wrong word is 0.5 marks :/ But there’s still oral so, there might be a chance for me to pass this ☺ Next was, English! Failed this by 0.7 marks (Y) But I did my Graded Assignments, so I should be fine ^^

Followed by Social Studies, failed this :( I can never pass both humanities, it’s always either I pass Social Studies, and fail Geography, vice versa. Next, got second in class for Biology ^^

Kerilyn being first with 68, and me, 64. Scored an A for Chemistry ^^ 

Lastly, after the flipping cake incident in March, Miss Tan asked us to write a letter to her explaining why she should refund us the money for the cake, and after reading the letter, she might consider refunding the money back to us. But guess what, it’s almost the end of May, and she hasn’t even given us a reply.

So yesterday, 23-05, we bumped into her in school, and Jaya and I went up to her and asked for a reply, and she said that she wasn’t going to refund us, because we didn’t write clearly why she has to refund to us, and we don’t have the intact cake to show it to her, and obviously after she said that, it makes me question myself if she even has common sense. Oh wow, I will totally keep a flipped over cake, for 2 months for what? As a souvenir from you to me? GREAT SENSE.

You said that you were being effective and efficient by flipping over a cake to put out a magic lighting candle? PARDON? How is that being effective? Can the cake be eaten anymore? No. That’s excluding people who don’t have a backbone.. okay nevermind.

Back to you, as a chemistry teacher, shouldn’t you know of a more intelligent way to put out a candle? It seems to me that you don’t know how to apply your own knowledge to real life situation. Please enlighten me on how you actually passed NIE to become a teacher. We all already admitted for being noisy, and we even apologised to your class because apparently, according to you, we “disturbed” YOUR lesson?

Just for your information, none of YOUR students actually knew what really happened. But now, you don’t even have the basic courtesy to admit to your mistake of not using the appropriate/best method to put out the candle, and instead, you want to come up with some outrageous excuse to not refund us the money, such as wanting the intact cake infront of you on the spot? Bitch please.

Whatever, we already told Mrs Tan about it, and hope that she wasn’t just entertaining us when she said she’d talk to you about it, but even if she was just entertaining us with that, my dad said that he’d go down to school when school reopens next term, and also, it’s not the money we care about, it’s our dignity that has been affected. I mean at least for those who didn’t eat the cake even after it was smashed.


To Teacher 2, we were having remedial with you when this entire incident happened during the March holidays, we told you about it, and you said you didn’t want to be involved, and don’t want to hear the story from us.

But just because Miss Tan is your friend, you told her about whatever we did? Before this, I look up to you, because after you said that you didn’t only want to hear our side of the story, I felt that you were being fair and impartial. But apparently not.

My impression of you took a 360 degrees turn. You even texted Jaya and asked what happen? Don’t you know that, it’s wrong for a teacher to ask a student outside school regarding things that are not concerning you?

You said that I was your personal disappointment because of my results, but now, I want to say that I’m disappointed in myself too for trusting the wrong teacher.</blockquote>


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