Term 3 Week 1 ;

 It’s finally the end of Term 3 Week 1, it was indeed an energy draining week.

I want my one month break again, I constantly tell myself to persevere on and don’t let anything affect me, and just focus on my studies for Term 3 and 4. But apparently, I can’t do that. It’s either I have to help other’s solve their problems, or solve my own problems, with nobody there for me.

Had a change of POA teachers (I’m more than grateful for this) and in addition, the new teacher, Mr Wong is scarily good. He’s strict and boring, but I understand his teaching more than Xavier Ho (I don’t even think I understood anything he taught) and my tuition teacher.

Now to friendships, I don’t know what to say, I don’t know if they are just wishful thinking of what.

Sometimes I just think that you’d actually start waking up, and realise who were the ones who were there for you when you were upset, when you were dissapointed, when you were troubled, and when you were frustrated.

We were the ones who were there for you. She was never fully there for you. But look, haha isn’t it funny?

You are leaving those who were there for you behind, and being all friendly and stuff with the one who weren’t there for you when you were down most of the times. What sort of sense does this make to you? It seriously don’t make sense to me, and so I thought you realised hence causing that sudden change in attitude you have to me/us. But no, who knows?

Maybe you’ve really woke up, but got “brainwashed” by her again.

I don’t know this, but I’m sure to say that there’s this one person who never left me whenever I felt that the entire world was against me, and she, I’ve known her for less than 2 years. Who’d have known right?

 I have been friends with you for nearly 5-6 years, but you’re treating me like as if we just know each other. Maybe you won’t even bother because you might not even bother about our friendship, but just to let you know, I really care about our friendship, and I really want it to be back to how it used to be.




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