End of Years;

So, we finally got back our results for end of years. (Realised that I didn’t blog about the papers).

Ok anyway, I think I did better than Mid Years, although I failed Humans and Art (as expected lol). At least I don’t have to go for study camp :) Not saying that study camp is bad or anything, cause I’ve once been a “study camper” before, like last year. But I’m really glad that I don’t have to attend it this year, cause I really don’t think that I will still have the stamina/willpower to suffer another 2 more hours of studying after headstart :( I mean that I think I’ve studied rather hard this year, and it’s like the first year of my entire education years that I’ve studied so much.

But I guess I could have started studying earlier and maybe I could have done better.

But ok anyway, I think the subjects that I’m most proud of, would be Bio, Chinese and English.

I was praying so hard that I’ll pass English, like more than a borderline pass because I’ve been getting borderline passes throughout the year, and if i failed my EOY, I wouldn’t pass my overall english, so I was literally thanking God when I realised that I got a B for English.

And as for chinese, I’ve been getting C5 and C6s throughout the year, and got a B4 this time :)

Maybe the paper was easier, oh well.

And bio, hehe guess who topped the class ;) Both Faith and I. Yay :) As for other subjects, I’m actually quite dissapointed. ESPECIALLY EMATH.

I was freaking expecting a B okay, like for combined Paper 1 and Paper 2, fml i got a 51. Cried abit. I mean firstly, i was so confident for emath, and secondly, when Ms Lum made us do the mock test and stuff, i could clinch an A so easily okay, and even when I practice other school paper, everything seemed so easy and in addition, i felt that the EOY paper was easier than the mock paper Ms Lum gave me, so I seriously have no idea how I was able to do so badly for Emath.

But it’s okay, i will continue to work hard and clinch a distinction for O levels next year. (Nothing is impossible!)

Oh and POA, HAHA FAILED SO BADLY FOR THAT. I expected a fail though cause I didn’t really know how to do the balance day adjustments, disposal account and theory questions :p

But i think i passed overall, so that’s fine. Failed art too. EXPECTED. HAHA AND ANYWAY I WAS PRAYING TO FAIL SO THAT I WILL BE ALLOWED TO DROP IT :p

There’s still SS, Geog, and Chem. Okay, SS. My SS results improved from Mid Years, but still failed. Anyway the entire class failed combined humanities, so there’s nothing surprising about it. Geog results deteriorated from Mid Years :( From pass to fail. What is this sorcery. AND I WAS QUITE CONFIDENT OF PASSING IT TOO. HAHA.

Ok as for Chem, just passed on the dot :( Didn’t expect it too. I was expecting my Chem results to be higher than bio so that my combined science marks will be pulled up, but reality happened and Bio took over Chem lol. Ok so that’s about it.

Currently, I have the motivation to do well for ALL my tests and papers next year, and I know I’ll require a lot more discipline and willpower so I pray that Lord, you’ll guide me through 2013 :)



Thank you Jesus for guiding me through 2012. Thank you for bringing 3/1 through this year, and although we are not the smartest class, thank you for giving us the unity. Although not the entire class will be together next year, but I think that you did that for the benefit of the ones who will be retaining. Thank you Jesus.



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