15 and growing;

Yay! Happy Birthday Carmen (to myself :p).

Okay whatever, so I’m finally 15, finally one step nearer to the legal age to watch NC16 movies ;)

Spent a few hours before my birthday at National Library for Halloween event. My first ever Halloween event :D

Met Amanda, Melissa and Tiffany at Bugis after tuition for dinner before going to the library together :) When we arrived at the library, the queue extended from inside the library to outside okay, it was really really long. There were at least 200-300 people queueing. Started queueing with Tiffany, Amanda, Melissa and Rachel :)

Then we were planning on singing the school song, school hymn and national anthem when we were inside, to “relieve” our anxieties. HAHA.

We were also like saying what if we got stomped and the caption will be like “St Margaret’s Girls singing School Song during Halloween event” HAHA lol.

Irissa called and told us that she was in the queue, and was already all the way infront, so we went infront to cut queue. (and thank God we did, cause the queue was barely moving). Queued from about 9:30PM to 11:30PM. And halfway through our queuing, the “ghosts” were already like out wandering around and stuff and I scared Amanda by saying that the ghost was behind her and was going to touch her, then after 2 seconds of trying to stay calm, she screamed and ran. HAHA HER REACTION WAS EPIC.

Ok, there was really one behind her but he wasn’t really doing anything. Oh and there was this “friendly” clown (i hate clowns), who told Ting En that her make up was nice then Ting En was like “yours too!” and they were talking nicely till like suddenly they started “rebutting” each other and the clown was about to walk away speechless and suddenly he turned back, and went “BITCH PLEASE *peace out sign* which made Irissa, Ting En, Amanda and I burst out laughing. The way he said it was like hilarious.

One more incident was when the black reaper guy walked past us, Irissa was like “omg he totally just winked at me” then he turned back and went “No, I did not just wink at you” HAHAH IT WAS LIKE A “OHHHHHHH” moment ok.

So whatever, 11:30 finally came and we finally entered the maze. So we were supposed to “play train” and Irissa guy friend led the train, cause maybe he was the only guy and was quite tall. So we went into the first room which was the Children’s section and it wasn’t really scary.

But the second room was horrifying. It was mainly “played” by the CHIJ girls. They started chasing us and i banged into a table, super pain ok. Then we went into like some weird room which they released the fire extinguisher thingy, and made everything so foggy and 10x scarier.

Third and fourth room was okay, till the last part again where “ghost” started chasing us. It’s horrible. Nothing is scary till ghost start chasing you ok.
So yup, overall the whole maze was quite fun but wasn’t really worth the 2 hours of queueing.
Left NLB at about 11:55, and went to flag for cab to go home. On the way home, the clock struck 12, and I started receiving birthday wishes :)

Hee Seung sent the sweetest message la. Okay anyway, look whose eyelids are like a 20kg now. Goodnight!


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