So, the first week of holidays has just gone by. It felt like 3 weeks but no, it has only been 1 week.

And so far, I haven’t really done anything productive.

Except E Math homework which consists of like more than 15 pages of the ten years series, 142 questions in total. (Y)

This time she really never 手下留情 :(

Ok anyway, E Math was still the first piece of homework I started on although it required the most brainwork and stuff.

When I had school, I was complaining and wanted holidays to come asap, but now, holidays are finally here, and I’m like… “Gosh, what am I doing with my life.”

I’m literally rotting my life away. Although I want to go out, but I don’t want to spend so much money.

I kinda feel bad. I mean like I didn’t do as well as expected for my results but my dad didn’t lecture me or whatever. Ironic but yeah, I feel guilty.

Oh and the weather has been a killer recently. It has been almost 30 degrees everyday.


 And anyway, it’s thanksgiving today. So i really want to thank God for giving me the strength to overcome all the troubles and ‘obstacles’ I’ve faced this year, and it is all thanks to him that I can pass 4/6 of my subjects. Without him, I think I couldn’t have even done any paper. Exaggerating but yes. OH AND during the last day of headstart, Ms Poh was talking like as if she wouldn’t be our biology teacher next year. But she’s sort of the only bio teacher that I trust. :(

 Other bio teachers are, Ms Ong LJ, Ms Katherine Li, and Mrs J Tan.

But 3 of them teaches pure bio. So , please just let ms poh teach 4/1,4/2 combined bio next year. Please :(

 Argh, I’m desperate in wanting to know who’s my form teacher, english and POA teacher (considering that there’s banding for this 2), and geog teacher next year ;(



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