Some people are just downright selfish.

They never think about others, and everything is just about themselves. They don’t want anything that doesn’t benefit them.

I don’t know how to explain the selfishness in this friend of mine but I just feel that she’s just so damn selfish.
For eg, I’m going out with friend A and B, and this selfish friend is friend C. So I decided to invite friend C along, but instead of being thankful, she tells me that she doesn’t want friend A and B to come along.. Oh well how about you get lost and I will just go out with friend A and B?
I mean like how can anyone be like this. Even if you don’t like this particular someone, just bear with them and be thankful for what you have. At least be thankful that I ‘invited’ you right.

There’s a reason why I invited friend A and B, cause I like having them around. And you too.

So what sense does it make if you ask me not to have friend A and B out just cause YOU don’t like their company? Just don’t come out with us then. Like seriously, if you don’t feel comfortable with friend A and B around then just don’t come. No harm. AT ALL.
And the worst part is that you don’t even feel remorseful. Argh.

I don’t know what else I can say about this selfish behaviour of yours.


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