end of the third week;

You still have to play your part of listening in class and completing your assignments. Not just pray and expect good grades to drop upon you.

It’s already the end of the third week of January.

The graduating sec 4s will have only approx 36 more weeks till O Levels. And looking at how fast three weeks just went past, it really made me stop and think about how 36 weeks will be gone in no time, and we’ll all be worrying about the papers.

So, school has been fine so far. Just that teachers have overloaded us with tests almost everyday, and going to the canteen for recess has become a luxury. Because most of the time, we will be staying in class during recess to do last minute cramming for the test, and end up not going for recess, and eating in class instead.

Teachers have been trying hard to motivate us, and asking those who are still unbothered, to finally wake up and work hard.

I think I’m one of those that are already “awake” but there are still some people who are still in their own wonderland.

You study for yourself and not for anyone else.

Don’t you want to have a presentable O Level Cert to show your children/employee next time?

Having tuitions for every subject does not guarantee you  distincions for every subject.

And to the rest including myself, we may not have confidence in ourselves to score like 10-12, for L1R5, just cause┬áthe previous batch haven’t done it.

But why can’t be the first batch to do it?

Whoever said just cause we’re in combined science means that we won’t and can’t score well for O Levels?

Obviously if we were put in a pure science class, I’m quite sure we won’t be able to make it, and that’s exactly why we are in combined science. So we can cope better and hence score better results.

I really hope that the class will feel that our hard work paid off when we collect our results next year. And that we will all be in the right mood to celebrate because we can get into the poly course/JC we’ve aimed for.


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