end of jan;

It’s Thursday, and it’s my second favourite day in the week because there’s 3 periods of emath and bio right after. Life is good. :’)

My favourite day of the week would be Friday because, 1. I’d start the day off by being in the library, then English for 2 periods ( :( ) with Mrs Seet, ok actually Mrs Seet isn’t that bad. She’s obviously so much better than Mr Teng when it comes to teaching English, but she’s QUITE long winded. But still tolerable :)

After English would be, PE. Yay, our teacher is Ms Kaur but apparently for the past few lessons it had been Mdm Fong taking us. She drives 4/1 high.

Eg, after every sentence she speak, we’d be like, “YAYYY*claps*” like literally after every sentence. Then we she asked us to stop, we’ll change to “YES *claps*” then she got so mad. Taking last week for example, she got so pissed with us cheering so she stopped talking and made us to warm ups. Then she said that the warm up is strenuous and we need to take it seriously. So we did, and it was like simple warm up exercise like eg, twisting of waists, and stretching of triceps and quadriceps muscles. Then Jaya and I were like “wow, yes this is the most strenuous warm up we’ve ever done and I can totally feel my invisible perspiration dripping.” But she didn’t hear us. So yes she’s annoying, and if she continues to be our PE teacher, I will dread PE.

After PE, would be recess. Oh! 4/1 is like out of mind this year, we have our own class kettle, and we eat cup noodles in class during recess. Eg Dallies, she brought her entire container solely for storage of food, and half of it is filled with cup noodles. (Y)

So yay, after recess, would be bio with Ms Poh then Emath with Ms Lum!

We’re going to do dissection of the cow’s eye tomorrow, I’m excited yet quite grossed out cause I watched the video on Youtube. Super gross can.
Today, Ms Poh told us that she used to be like the super good girl in school and would never fall asleep in class so her teacher always make her sit at the back like, the seat beside the door. Then her friend infront of her always fall asleep during lesson and have no control over her neck. Then her friend’s neck will like fall backwards and lay on Ms Poh’s table. and 2, she said that there was once she had to go back to school for some activities on Saturday, then she shared the same room as her sister, so in the morning she didn’t switch on the lights when she changed into her uniform. So she didn’t realise anything on her uniform. But when she wore it, and was in school, she felt very itchy but she didn’t suspect anything. Only when she reached home, she realised that there was a cockroach in her clothes and she freaked out. I mean like how did she not feel it!! HAHA. Ok sorry :p
And like last last week, Ms Lum told the class that she scored distinction for her Chinese during her O Levels.

Also and cause we were made to sing the National Anthem 4 times cause of Mdm Choo, Ms Lum said that last time when she was in secondary school, her school made them write the national anthem out in Malay, and she got the whole thing right.

HAHA then after she said that she scored distinction and wrote the national anthem out with no errors, she was like “aiyo why I so haolian” HAHAHAH.

Ok so anyway, I feel that I’m going to miss school when I graduate end of this year. 3/1 and 4/1 is the best class that I’ve ever been in, and I don’t know how different my secondary school life would be without the class.


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