end of mye;

Wow, it has been 5 months since I last posted something.

Anyway this is going to be a long post, here it goes.

The past 5 months has been energy draining.

Whenever I reach home from school, I just feel like collapsing onto my bed and not do anything else, but nope, I can’t do that. I’ve still got to revise my work and bathe and eat and etc. During the mid years period, approx starting from 6 weeks ago, I mean like studying period for MYE. I’ve really been trying hard to study and I felt that I knew the things I needed to, and after exams for eg. Social Studies, after the paper, it was actually the first time i felt so confident in passing the paper. First ever time. But then.. things didn’t happen the way I wanted it to. Ms Choo said today that the whole class failed SS. I mean I know that I might be over reacting ’cause it’s just MYE but I doubt anyone understands how I feel. Like just how much effort I’ve put in so as to see results but I’m still not seeing the results that I want. Some may say that the whole cohort did badly, but why couldn’t I be the one who did slightly better than others?

No matter how egoistic this may sound, but why couldn’t I be at least that few who passed the paper. I really did my best, and did all I could. And for other papers, Chinese, this’d be the first time I actually failed my compo. I mean like how the hell did that even happen.

Emath, I’m just really hoping that I did well because this would probably be the only subject that I enjoy and have been consistent in. I am really just hoping for the best. As the saying goes, “The greater your expectations, the greater will your disappointments.”

POA, oh well, this would be the first time I’d ever balanced a balance sheet without answers. (I’ve not even done this before for assignments).

I hope that I’d do well for POA too, cause.. similar to Emath, I enjoy POA and have been consistent this year. So I just hope that, things will go right.

Chem/Bio. Needless to say, chem was horrendous, when I was doing the paper, I felt like I was fighting a war. Not even kidding.

Initially, before the paper, I wanted to do well for my Chemistry so that it’d pull my combined science score up, but after the paper, I was just like… screw this shit. Bio was manageable though, but I didn’t study hard enough.. oops.

SS/Geog. Geog was manageable as well, and I didn’t really study much.. just some last minute work too. Oops.

So yup, I hope that i can do well for EMath and POA, and at least a pass for science, and humans :/

If I fail anymore, it’s just going to be even more demoralising instead of motivating me to do better.


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