mye results so far;

It was Vesak day yesterday so we didn’t have school, and we had script checking for some of our papers the day before yesterday, Thursday.

Well tbh, I’m not exactly disappointed in my results because for some of them, I’ve already expected it. Let’s take english for example, I think I got an E8 or something, when I calculated my marks, I just started laughing to myself. I mean like in the beginning of the year, I actually thought Mrs Seet made quite a good English teacher, at least better than Mr Teng but whatever happened?

Maybe her lessons were just not as interactive as Mr Teng’s.
Last year in Mr Teng’s class, I could score a minimum of C5, even given the fact that he doesn’t teach (but even if he does, he can’t). So yup, I knew that I was going to get shitty results for English already so I really couldn’t be bothered.
Then as for SS, as we found out on Wednesday that the whole class failed, we couldn’t really carry high hopes about her scores, so I just hoped for a 22-24/50, and thankfully I got a 23. Apparently, I was the highest in class but how ironic right, highest in class but yet a fail mark. As I said in the previous post, I was really expecting myself to at least get a pass for SS as I felt that it was one of the easier papers out of all that we’ve done, eg, Sec 3 MYE and EOY, and of course the practice papers we received.
And the last paper we got back on Thursday, bio. I wasn’t really confident of passing this as well. Although I felt that the paper was easy/manageable, I knew I didn’t do sufficient preparation for the paper, and just relied on all my background knowledge (sort of). But I did rather okay considering the highest amongst all of the combined bio girls was only a 55.5/85. Well, I got a 52. Kerilyn said that I’m the highest in class but like what again.. if i get 52/85 for O levels and I’m the highest, I think everybody will just bawl their eyes out. Like hello, B4. Not even an A2.
I didn’t know how to tell my dad about my results as I think I gave him false hopes even though I ended up telling him and he said he was just slightly disappointed. Oh and for Chinese overall, I got a 58 :-( I need to get that to at least 70 in 1 week :-( 
Anyway, in conclusion, I think without God’s help, I wouldn’t even get what I have gotten, and I should give all glory to God. Hallelujah! :-)

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