overall mye results;

So I got back the remaining papers today which are, E Math, POA, Chemistry and Geography.

Well, I can’t say I’m super disappointed in my results, just a little (which I think its good) but I wouldn’t say that I’m extremely satisfied with what I’ve gotten. POA gave me the greatest surprise ever, I actually got 50/60 for P2, and if I hadn’t made all the careless mistakes I had, I would have gotten 54. Which is like… almost impossible for me to even dream about. I mean like the last time I ever scored like close to full marks in an exam is probably when I was in lower primary?

Ok anyway sorry for rubbing it in to anyone who didn’t so as well as they expected themselves to do, there’s still prelims and Os :)

As for EMath, I thought I’d do worse, so I have nothing to complain about. Hm, and Chem. I’d say that I’m actually slightly disappointed because I wanted my chem to get 38/65 to maintain my B4 for combined science, but I missed that by 1 mark, and my combined science is now 59+ :'( So close yet so far.

Lastly for geog, remember I said I wanted to get 27 well I didn’t :-( and that only means that I failed my combined humans. *inserts crying emoji*

Anyway, in general, I’m actually quite happy with my results. This is the first time I actually don’t feel super disappointed in myself for getting the results I’ve gotten for exams. Oh and apparently 19 people from 4/1 went to see the principal today, and some of them left behind to talk to Mrs Tan about the issue of changing some of our subject teachers. Eg, I heard they wanted to get Mr Ang back for SS, instead of Ms Choo, and to change our English teacher to Mrs Rethinam as a class, instead of being in 3 seperate bands.

But no matter who I have as my English teacher, I need to work damn hard to pull my English up from that damn F9, to at least a B4 by prelims :-(

I can’t afford to fail my english for Os. I mean, who can right.

Getting back to the topic of exam results, I need to start studying for prelims and I hope that I can get 18> for my L1R5 for prelims, considering the fact that prelims is tougher than O levels and MYE, and I got 31 for MYE wts so yup, I believe in the saying of “you reap what you sow” after this MYE.

Once again, all glory goes to God. ♡


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