I guess it took me quite long to figure that out. There are people in this world who are unwilling to put in their 80% into relationships, which include friendships. But however, there are also some who are willing to put in their 110%.

If you have found a friend who is willing to put in their 110% into the friendship, my advice to you is to treasure them because these friends are rare.

Personally I’ve only met 2 people who are willing. And I hope that I have been contributing the same to the friendship as well.

But it’s funny though. For 1 of them, we weren’t really the best of friends in Sec 1, we actually argued a lot because of some other friends but I guess that God has a plan for everyone. Somehow, we became a lot closer in Sec 2 and 3. Even though we drifted after sec 3 MYE, whenever we talk to each other, it simply feels like as if we’re best friends or something even though we may not be talking to each other 24/7/365, probably just once a month?

As for the other friend, we’ve been friends ever since P3, and are almost still as close. She’s probably the craziest + retarded + most child-like friend I have had and would have. Adding on, despite all those “qualities” she holds, she is extremely understanding and although she gets out of control most of the times, when we talk about serious stuff, she can somehow “switch mode”.

So i’m proud to have these 2 in my life. Heeseung and Natasha. I seriously do not know what my life will be without the two of them in my life.


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