End of T3W2;

Tomorrow will be the end of T3W2.

So far, term 3 has been hectic.

Ending school at almost 5 everyday, reaching home at 6+ feeling so tired to the extent that you don’t even feel like having your dinner. You just want to crash the bed and sleep till the next morning when the cycle will repeat again.

Waking up at 6  → school till 5  → home  → feel like sleeping.

And the best part is that intensive hasn’t even started and all of us are already feeling so exhausted, I wonder what’d happen when prelims approach, and when Os is like 2 weeks away. But anyway, I shall go straight into school work and studies. I wouldn’t say that all my tests results have been horrible, but I wouldn’t say that they were very good or whatever. Well, I mean there are subjects which we are better at and some which we are weaker at. 

*warning i’m about to start ranting*

Firstly, I would like to say that, when people do well, most of us wouldn’t say things like, “YAY I DID SUPER WELL BETTER THAN THE REST”/ “EH WHY YOU DO SO BADLY” right? Not only will people around you be pissed at your cocky attitude but it’s also asking for a punch in the face.

However, it seems to me that people still find fault in you when you try to be humble. 

If you want to do well, you jolly well put in the required effort. If you are unwilling to be in the slightest effort, unless you’re gifted, how do you expect yourself to achieve good decent grades?

Don’t put me down just because you can’t do well.

Don’t blame me for doing well, blame yourself for not working hard enough.

When teachers call it a test/mock paper, you should do it yourself and not discuss with others. A test is to let yourself know what you know what you don’t. So, if you actually discuss/ copy your friend’s answers during the test, someone tell me what’s the point. Even if you do well, so what? You cheated. Whatever you don’t know will remain as something “unsolvable” to you. But if you actually make the effort to understand a topic/ certain type of question, whenever that type of question/ topic appears, you wouldn’t have to ask your friends for guidance or even answers. 

Secondly, I feel that at the age of 16, we should all learn to acknowledge our mistakes and learn from it, instead of denying our mistakes and blaming someone else for it. I mean don’t you feel guilty or something. Like you know for the fact that you have done something wrong but yet you simply just push the blame to someone else and live in self denial.

To me, I feel that apologizing isn’t an embarrassing thing to do, but it is definitely embarrassing when people expose your mistake(s). Not only is it embarrassing but also humiliating if you’re exposed infront of others. No one is perfect, everybody make mistakes.

All we have to do is to apologize, mean it, learn from it and not repeat it. 

*end of rants*

Back to school. Went for NP talk about poly last Thursday and it was actually quite informative. It also told us more about DPA and JPSAE.

I’ve DPA-Ed to business studies and accountancy in NP and accountancy in SP.

Oh and I’ve  DSA-Ed to 2 JCs too.

If i’m not selected by any of the JCs, I probably belong to the poly group hahaha i’ll see.

Omg but now I’ve got to work hard for prelims.

English is still an obstacle I’ve yet to overcome. Ahh, my L1. Emath results has been like on a roller coaster ride, has its ups and downs. Combined humans.. Hm, I have been working quite hard for this. Especially SS’s component. These 3 are the most important subjects as it is compulsory to count them in my L1R4/R5 so.. Got to do well. Anyway, that’s all I have to say :-)


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