End of O Levels – 11/11/13;

O Levels has finally come to an end.

To be honest, I don’t really feel ecstatic or absolutely stress-free now.

I think I’ve treated Os as a normal exam, just that I’ve put in a lot more effort than I normally would, for a normal exam.

And studying + facing books became part of my daily routine such that now, even when the exams has ended, I find myself waking up and asking myself things like “Which subject/theme to study today”, then realising that there’s no longer any need for me to do so (for the next 2 months).

It’s just that after Os, I can finally spend the day out of the house, without having to study, and yet not feeling guilty (but guilty for spending too much money).

And I remember myself mentioning in the past few posts that many things have been happening in my class, like people saying that I was being too competitive cause I have been studying and stuff.

I realised that this really didn’t affect me much throughout the O level period.

In fact, I’m surprised by myself too. I mean I thought I’d be affected, and I’ve always been telling myself to ignore them, but in the end I realised that I don’t even have to ignore them, and instead I should listen to what they say about me, so that I’d be motivated to work harder.

Call me competitive? Sure, because in the end, we are really going to compete with each other.

Are the Cambridge markers going to be like, “Oh they are friends, let’s change their marks so that they will be able to go to the same school” etc? No obviously not.

And plus, I don’t usually use others results as my benchmark, I’d rather set targets for myself.

And sorry if I come off crude but, even if I wanted to compete with others, would I compare myself to people of the same level or even lower level?

 I’d definitely find someone of a higher level so that I will improve right? No?

So, I’d really like to thank the people who have been trying to discourage me and what not, because instead, you guys were the ones who pushed me and indirectly motivated me.

-Post O Levels-

Went to the cinema thrice in 3 days, watched Ender’s Game, Escape Plan and About Time.

If I were to give ratings for these movies, on a scale of 1-5, in my opinion, Ender’s Game would be 4/5, Escape Plan being 5/5 and About Time being about 3/5. But don’t take me wrong, About Time is a good movie, but as compared to the other two, I’d personally prefer Ender’s Game/Escape Plan over About Time.

Having prom night this Monday – 18/11/2013 at Grand Copthorne, and will be spending the night there with Yanxin and Kvell :-)

Will then be going for red camp (maybe) after that, from 19-21.

And will be going on Virgo (finally after 3 years :’)) with Natasha, my sister and my grandma on 29/11.

Then probably a BKK trip, then Australia trip on 6/12.

Back before Christmas, then New Year, and 2 more weeks before results release :/

And for results, I’m not expecting myself to do super well, but I’m just hoping for an improvement from my prelim grades. Because I’ve really put in a lot of effort for Os as compared to Prelims, and an improvement will give me the motivation and determination I need to have, to enter JC.


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