So, July is coming to an end and it scares me to know that promos is in 2 months and 2015 is in 4. I mean, it felt almost like as if orientation was a last month thing. But no, it has been almost 6 months since orientation.

6 months = 24 weeks = 168 days.

 Anyway, SA had sports “carnival” yesterday.

That’s what they call it, but I wouldn’t really agree to that considering the fact that we only played captains ball.

Nevertheless, it was still, to a certain extent, enjoyable.

After that, I had to make my way to St Margs for the annual Speech Day, where students get awarded for their accomplishments and what not.

Honestly, never would I have dreamt of being given the honour to don the school gown for Speech Day. It was an honour to be able to wear the school gown even if it was only for 4 hours. Upon arriving, somehow, I felt so awkward. Most of the people who were invited back for the event, scored 5A’s-9A’s, which made me feel rather inferior to them because i didn’t score as well and the reason as to why I was invited back was because I topped my class with just 3A’s.

Apart from that, there were some faces which I couldn’t even recognise. I didn’t even know that they were in my cohort! How embarrassing.

Anyway, all went well. Speeches given by the GOH, principal and valedictorian was boring as usual.

And Kvell specially came down to congratulate me which was really nice of her :’)

It was also great to see some of my classmates from last year even though we ended things on a really rough note last year.

Then after the whole ceremony, a few of us went for dinner together and talked about our experiences in a mixed school after 10 years of being in a girls school.

When I was on my way home, I somehow realised that there are many people from my secondary school ie. Friends, and teachers who have high hopes of me and that I cannot let them down which makes me worry as I haven’t been producing average grades what more good grades.

Seems that July marks the last month of my usual self and that I would need to get my grades together now or else it will be too late.

“It is indeed ironic that we spend our school days yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our school days.”

-Isabel Waxman



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