I don’t think I’d have been in such a hurry to reach adulthood if I’d known the whole thing was going to be ad-libbed. – Bill Watterson

 I’m 17. On one hand, I’m happy that I’m one step nearer to being legal which means that I can get my driver’s license, drink/enter clubs/watch M18 movies legally.

However, on the other hand, it’s kinda scary how I’m also one step nearer to adulthood? Legit adulthood. Like being responsible for most of the decisions I make. Reckless or prudent decisions? I have no idea. And honestly, I’m not ready for that yet.

And honestly, being 17 isn’t really a very big issue. Yes, I will be able to drive/drink/club legally but if I really want to do these bad enough, do I really need my age to assure me that I’m “ready” for it? Not really.

Anyway, I’m really very thankful for people who bothered wishing me “happy birthday” on my birthday, even if we aren’t that close. And I feel that every single one of us should really appreciate the message that people whom we may or may not be close to send to us, on our birthday. The reason is because, (as for people whom we are not close to), though Facebook reminded them that it is our birthday, all they have to do is to ignore that notification, and continue with whatever they are doing. But if they bother to stop whatever they’re doing to send you a message on FB/message/Whatsapp wishing you a blessed day ahead, doesn’t it mean that they actually care for you? Of course, the difference here is the extent of how much they actually care.

And as for people whom we are close to, and remember our birthday, I honestly feel that they deserve a heartfelt thank-you from us because I choose to believe that remembering people’s birthday isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. At least for me, I find it extremely difficult to remember people’s birthday. I mean the least I can remember would be the month of that person’s birthday, and if I really care for that person, I will try my best to remember the date.

So basically, the message which I’m trying to convey here is that, I would like to thank everyone who wished me hpbd on my birthday yesterday. Whether or not you remembered the date or FB reminded you of it, I’m still thankful for you because at the very least, you bothered to take the time out to wish me hpbd.

And and I really want to dedicate this post to –

1. Acians

Thanks Cheryl, Jocelyn and Nicole for having a sweet (literally) dinner with me at Little Wimbly Lu @ myVillage – Upper Serangoon on 27/10, after Chinese A’s, I hope you guys did well enough, such that you guys won’t have to retake it next year :-) Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule, and for having dinner with me even though I&R was due the day after, and that OP was in that week. Thank you for remembering that I like lego, hence getting me the lego car hahaha I know things like these are hard to forget, but sometimes, people can really forget about such small details. And thank you for being the first and sort of only close group of friends that I have in SA. And for being so real, and I really like and appreciate how we can have deep talks without judging each other even though we’ve known each other for less than 6 months.

It’s cool how 4 of us became closer because we were all bored, except Nicole who got ditched by her PW group hahahaha, and decided to have lunch together. And at our first lunch together, we opened up to each other already? Which is quite surprising considering the fact that I believe most of us wouldn’t really open up to “strangers” on their first “date”? I guess it’s just God’s plan.

There’s also no other reason as to why most of our conversations will somehow lead to God. I guess He brought us together because all of us can really relate to each other quite well. I’m sorry that I ditched you guys on this A levels journey. I really didn’t want things to end this way. But I will encourage you guys, and push y’all on. I will try to be there when you guys need someone to talk to. Even though I may be miles away next year, I’m always just a text away, or a voice message away, or a Skype/Oovoo call away okay?

2. Hee Seung

Heeseung, thank you for bringing me to Yoogane to eat on 28/10, even if you had to study for O’s and stuff. Thank you for always being there for me ever since like Sec 2, even though I was terrible to you in Sec 1 hahaha. Thank you for like being real, really. I’m just so tired of people wearing their “nice masks” everywhere and it’s disgusting when you get to see their true colours. I’m not saying that you’re naturally nice, but it’s like as I’ve said that day, you are so honest that you’d be lying if you were any more honest. You are a person who can actually put down your pride to help a friend in need, something I don’t think I’m capable of doing it yet. And, it’s fun to have a friend-sister like you. We share the same fashion sense, and like we can complete each other sentences so often that I really wonder if our ancestors are related, making us related as well. Honestly, you’re like the only person who will insult/criticise another harshly, but out of good intentions. You won’t sugar coat your words, you mean exactly what you say. You don’t bother whether or not the other party will feel offended/affected, but all of these, not in the insensitive, and rude manner. And I really appreciate this attribute of you.

How many in this society, have the courage to say exactly what they want to say, and not hide their feelings (not in the vulnerable way though)?

Not many.

From you, I’ve learnt that we don’t have to be afraid of how people view us. What’s important is the way we feel about ourself. Thanks :-)

3. Kvell and Yan Xin

Thanks you 2 for being there when I was alone and stuff during O’s last year. Thank you Kvell for chionging all the 1001 exam papers with me, bugging teachers for consultations, extra papers and what not, even if it may seem to others that we’re sucking up to teachers which really wasn’t what we were doing. And as for what you said in the card, that though we’ve known each other for close to 11 years, started and ended life in St Margs together, we were really the kind of hi-bye kind of friends for full 10 years, till we began closer like around prelims last year. I don’t know, and can’t remember how we became close. All I knew was that, suddenly, this girl that I’ve known since P1 was beside me doing papers with me in 4/7. Suddenly, we began running up and down SMSS, searching high and low for teachers, almost begging them to print extra papers for us, to mark our papers for us, asking them for consultations, and also asking if they’d be in school on Sat for extra lessons. Amidst all the clutter and beyond all the obstacles, I found a close friend whom I can lean on ( ironic because you’re shorter and smaller :p ) in times of need. You’re always there to surprise people, bringing joy to their life. You’re always ready to take that extra step to cheer someone up. It’s confusing how a little person like you, can contain so many ideas to bring joy to others hahahahha you’re a blessing from God :-)

AND thank you Yan Xin for being like the crazy singer who sings anywhere, and everywhere. Any time, and every time. Thank you for bringing joy to English lessons with Seet by arguing with her, and driving her up the wall. And for making Mdm Baldev go hopping mad whenever you and Kvell burst out into laughter in the music room in the library, and like idk doing stupid things eg. Use your phone, and kiss the windows or something. I really miss having you as a classmate. I miss you bringing joy to class by irritating teachers like Ms Lum and Mr Teng and also writing songs for teachers HAHAHAH ATK.

Thank you for surprising me at Starbucks just now (though it would have gone alot better if you didn’t text me before that hahaha, but anyway, all has passed). Was really touched and surprised to see you since you’re ALWAYS busy whenever we want to go out what. Thank you for making time :’)

Ok ya, even though I don’t even know if you guys will read those para, but yup – xo

Taken, 27/10/2014 – Little Wimbly Lu @ myVillage with Nicole, Jocelyn and Cheryl :-)
Taken, 28/10/2014 – Home :-)
Taken, 29/10/2014 – Windowsill in the Woods with Kvell and Yanxin :-)
Taken, 29/10/2014 – Windowsill in the Woods with Kvell and Yanxin :-)


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