334/356 ;

It honestly feels so surreal to know that we are all 31 days away from 2015.

Scenes of January – ‘O’ Level Results Release day, February – my first day at SAJC (Orientation), March – Mile Stone Assessment + KL trip with the bowlers, April – A Division, June – World Cup, July – Common Tests, Service Learning Day, Learning Journey, and August – my last few days at SA are all still vividly imprinted in my memory.

Despite the good memories that I’ve made in 2014, I feel that 2014 was/is a rather bad year for the World in general.

Protests – Ferguson, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, epidemic(s) – Ebola Virus, disasters – Gaza War, MH370, MH17 and the list could go on but I guess these are the more significant events that occurred this year.

And for Singaporeans, events such as the CPF protests and the Little India riot would hit closer to home for us.

How many of us said that “2014 will be a better year” just before it started?

How many of us hoped that each month would get better as the months passed?

One important lesson I learnt this year is that, we can’t really hope for the best.

If things are meant to be, they will be and if they’re not meant to be, they won’t be.

As Penn Jillette once said, “Don’t waste too much time wishing, hoping and being envious; it’ll make you bugnutty.”



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