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Well, we’re all one month into 2015. How has it been for everyone?

How many New Year’s Resolution have you broke?

I would go on and on about how January flew past/ time flies like in my other posts but I guess I won’t. I’m currently in China with my mum. Honestly, I haven’t been doing much other than watching a drama series Hee Seung recommended – Grey’s Anatomy, which is quite an interesting American TV drama. (Though it gets a little too gory halfway through, BUT overall, it’s still great and I believe that it gets better? I’m only nearing the 5th season out of 11th season hahaha) Personally, I’ve never really been the greatest fan of American dramas. Never really got addicted to those highly raved drama series like Pretty Little Liars, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Oh, and Orange is The New Black which I got tired of 15 mins into the 1st episode.

Basically, I’ve been on a drama-thon the whole of Jan. Watched Korea’s The Heir, and Pinocchio, which took up probably like 1 week. And the rest of Jan was taken up by Grey’s Anatomy hahaha.

Anyway, I’m starting to feel quite hyped for school to start in March. (Even though I know that I will start feeling home-sick when my parents and sister return to Singapore after my Orientation). I feel like as though it’s time for me to start afresh. Time to meet new friends, explore a new city (Perth in this case), and really just, start anew.

(Going to sound like a spoilt kid (may already be one to some of you) but,) I’m tired of being taken care of. Not exactly annoyed by all the reminders and demands of the adults around me but I feel like as if it’s time for me to have a “breakthrough”? I feel the need to start being independent (even though I will suffer for the first few weeks due to the lack of knowledge when it comes to doing household chores and not mentioning that I feel and am lazy all the time). I think that this sudden need of me wanting to be independent is due to the fact that I’ve realised recently that I’ve been taking a lot of things for granted eg. Money (as though it grow on trees and fall as rain), care provided by my helper (as if she’s obligated to bear my unreasonable attitude, hot-temperedness and cater to all of my needs just cause it’s her job to) and everyone’s patience towards me. I believe most of us have that period when we treat others for granted because we are not feeling great. And we take it out on others even if they may not be at fault right?

Because of these things that I take for granted, I want to learn to be more independent so that I will no longer treat things given to me as if it has to be given to me.

Also, apart from the fact that i’m annoyed at myself for taking others for granted, i’m also irritated by the fact that some of the people around me take me for granted eg. My sister and some of my friends. I’ve learnt that, people take others for granted because they think that they’ll always be there for them. Which is why, as my mum used to tell me, we should always keep a distance away from people around us, especially people who are closest to us like our friends. “Why?” You may ask. It’s because, it’s always the people closest to us, who will take the most advantage of us and take what we do for them, for granted. 

By maintaining a safe distance, we are protecting both ourselves and the relationship we have with the other. Also, as the saying goes “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”. With distance, we will feel that we need that friend closer to us, and we will work harder to “tighten” the friendship and will also try our best to not ruin the friendship.

Also, we usually let our guard down when we’re with our friends (as compared to our “enemies”). But actually, as enemies, we are already expecting something bad coming in our way from them which makes the impact less strong. So what does that mean? It actually means that friends can do greater damage to us than our enemies because we don’t actually expect anything hurtful from them.

Hahaha anyway, I don’t really know how this post ended up like this but whatever and i really appreciate those who read till this far :-) And 19 more days till I get on a one-way flight to Perth, not knowing when i’ll come back to SG. May or may not be this year. And 28 more days to my first day of school (orientation)!!! Time check, it’s 2:20AM, and i’m tireddd, so goodnight :-)

<blockquote>”The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.”</blockquote>

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