week 11;

It has been a long time since I last posted anything here. Not really sure if people are actually reading but if there is, i’m extremely thankful!!!Hahahaha ok anyway, it has been almost 2 months since school started and initially, I thought that it’d be difficult for me to transit as i thought I’d be homesick? But I haven’t, which is really weird considering the fact that I get homesick when I go for school camps back in Singapore. 

Academic wise, school’s really great. I’m guessing my current average grade/score is at about a 85-90? But I think it’s just because the pace of teaching is really slow here? But just because of the slower pace, and the advantage that I have over the other students, does not mean that I don’t study. I still do.  Also, the teachers here are super nice!! My Accounting teacher is probably the nicest person I’ve ever met, she’s so gentle and careful and has little or no temper. And she’s so cheery all the time!! And interesting too. Like there was once my friends and I saw her walk through a basketball match to get to another side, and she only realised that she was walking through a basketball game when she was halfway through. It was really funny. Not in the mocking way though! Love her :-)

Putting school aside, I wouldn’t really say that I’m enjoying life here in Perth cause it’s really quite boring. Not forgetting the fact that shops closed at 5:30PM EVERYDAY except 8/9pm on Thursdays. So apart from school work, all I’ve been doing on non-school days is taking up driving lessons, exploring the city and binge watching TV series at home. Completed 4 Seasons of Suits, and Season 1 of How to Get Away With Murder and am no longer able to binge watch Greys cause i’m “on par” with the TV episodes now!! So I’d have to wait patiently for Fridays to arrive so that I can watch the new episode of Greys online. There are just two more episodes before Season 11 ends and I don’t want it to cause I’d have to wait till Sept for the new season :( Anyway, back to Perth life,  you know how you’re supposed to hang out on public holidays and stuff? But apparently in Australia (pretty sure only in Australia), most or all shopping centres are closed on public holidays which honestly makes no sense for someone whose main activity on a public holiday is shopping. So what do people actually do on public holidays you may ask, mostly, they go for picnics. Or to the beach. But considering the weather now, most would go to the park for a picnic. Moving on to my next point, weather!

Winter is coming, and the weather here in Perth has been really great. It’s cold, averaging at about 16-18 everyday I guess? It’s slightly warmer in the afternoon (22-24 degree Celsius). The weather is nice, but it sucks in the morning. Especially when you have an 8:30 class!! All you want to do is sleep in and never have to wake up. So for Mondays when I have 8:30 class, i’d usually have to place my phone on my study table so that i’d actually have to get up to switch the alarm off when it rings in the morning. Tricky. 

Hm, okay, I’ve said enough about Perth. In short, it’s really boring if you don’t drive. (Even if you can drive, out to Albany or Esperance, it’s just for sightseeing purposes).

So, because of the abundance of time I’ve had over the past 2 months, I’ve actually been doing some research on universities in the U.S. and UK, and some universities really interest me. Eg. NYU in the U.S., and UCL, UOL, LSE and Bristol in UK. Frankly speaking, this isn’t about me being indecisive, it’s just that there are so many opportunities and I want to try them all. I want to be able to study in Australia, U.S. and UK. I want to experience the different cultures and way of life in the different countries. The toughest part in all of these, is actually breaking the news to my parents though. It has always been the most difficult part. It’s easy to dream, but to execute it? It’s a whole new story. Australia has always been my paternal side’s first choice as they have been here before. However for my mum, she has always wanted me to study in the U.S./UK as there are more opportunities and development there as she would say, which I agree. 

It’d be really nice if the idea of me wanting to study in the States or UK was magically transferred to my paternal’s side eg. My grandparents, aunts and most importantly, my dad. I don’t want to go through the whole 1 hour talk about how dangerous U.S is, how far it is, and all the problems associated with the U.S that they can think of, to try to persuade me to stay in Australia. I mean, Australia is really nice. Have y’all even met the people here?? The majority of them are so friendly and cheerful. People actually greet the bus driver when the board the bus, which is a rare sight in Singapore. And people would actually go out of their way to lead you to your destination if you’re lost which is really nice of them. But, for someone who is used to being around the city and being surrounded by skyscrapers, Perth may not exactly be the best place I want to live in. 

Ok hi hahaha I realised that I didn’t post my previous post last week, shall just carry on. So Greys Anatomy Season 11 has regretfully ended and I have just finished watching “White Collar” AND DAMN. It is hell of a series. It’s basically about a professional conmen who has been able to get away with his actions, and for the twice that he was arrested, he was arrested by the same FBI Agent. On his second arrest, however, he offered the FBI a deal. To be their Criminal Informant aka Criminal Consultant. Considering the fact that he does such a great job at escaping from the FBI, naturally, the FBI decided to accept his offer, hiring him as their C.I but on one account, that the C.I, has to wear a trackling anklet for the remaining 2-4 years of his sentence. From then, the journey begins. From the hiding of secrets between the C.I and the agent, to being constantly suspicious of one another’s behaviour, to achieving the highest closure rate of high 80s as compared to any other C.I team in the country , to being best friends, and to being a virtual couple that is shipped by viewers, White Collar is definitely a must-watch for anyone whose interest isn’t in chick-flicks. 

After completing White Collar, Greys, Suits and HTGAWM, I can officially say that I have no life. The past few days have been ridiculously boring, if not for the lack of activities in my life. However, thankfully, final exams are round the corner (in 2-3 weeks), and I’d be leaving the country for my holiday!! And Suits will embark on a new journey/season on the last week of June! 

And for now, i’m trying my best to keep my grades about the 85-90 mark so that I can start applying to wherever I’m interested in going and just see what lies ahead/ what is in for me or should I say where hahaha. 

One thing for sure is that, i’m definitely not going to want to share the same timetable as my current group mates. Once is enough. And we can either pick Math or Stats for next Sem and I think i’ll probably pick Math since I’ve seen a lot of people brood over Stats hahaha so, that’s all. It’s 1:50AM and i’m too tired to come up with a decent conclusion so yup bye! Till the next post!


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