Adults are often heard complaining about the generations after them, specifically those who are born after 1990 and 2000. But what confuses me the most is that, why has it not struck them that they are the one who brought this generation up. Just as how a child’s actions and behaviour shadows his parent’s, I believe that the actions of one generation, is reflected by the next.

I just feel that if I were to become a mum in the future, I’d try my best to be a better parent for my kids than my parents (even if they have been the best). No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws and their own imperfections. Growing up, I’m sure we would have noticed both the good and bad traits and behaviour of our parents and I really think that the most we can do as a parent for our kids in the future, is to learn and eventually improve on the traits our parents held, and also not commit the same mistakes as they did.

Over the years, my parents showed me values that were analogous in very different ways. One showed me the danger of self-assured hubris, the degree of uncertainty one may experience in life, due to the lack of goals and ever-readiness while the other, showed me the importance of humility and goal-setting in life, and also the importance of making provision for everything that may come our way.

As a parent in the future, I hope to be one who will be able to constantly inspire, motivate and enlighten my child(ren) in as many ways as possible. I hope to be more of a friend than a parent to my child. I hope that I will be someone my child would confide in whenever he/she faces an obstacle in life. I hope to instil the importance of the value of humility (and of course, an equal amount of self-pride and confidence), perseverance, compassion (and kindness), integrity and effort in my child.

Humility, so that they’d learn to admit to their own mistakes which is something that is lacking in many children nowadays, and also the willingness to seek help when required.

Perseverance, so that they’d learn to fight for what they desire as long as it is morally upright, no matter what others have to say.

Compassion, for those who are less fortunate. Coupled with the value of giving, so that they’d learn how to give willingly to others and that they wouldn’t take things for granted.

Integrity, which I think is a value that everyone wants their children to hold so it probably doesn’t require any explanation.

Effort, so that they will grow up understanding that the process of completing something triumphs over the result and that they will give their 100% in everything that they do.


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