Emotions are a scary thing to have. For some, it may be able to take control of your life, causing you to do things that you would not voluntarily do if you were sane. For some, you may be able to hide your emotions and act like as if you were feeling good about everything even if reality was proving otherwise.

When it comes to love, apart from bliss, jealousy is also an emotion that pops out when the word “love” is mentioned to me.

I feel that jealousy is related to one’s open-heartedness (word choice?), and of course, self-esteem. I think the reason as to why one would feel jealous or envious is due to the fact that firstly, he may feel that he isn’t good enough for the other/ or isn’t comparable to his “competitor”. Secondly, it may also be due to the fact that he isn’t willing to step down? For a case where one may be infatuated or has a crush on another person, and that another person is dating another party, I think it’s understandable that the one who is infatuated may find it hard to let the infatuation go. Especially if they were really close in the past.

And what would make things even harder would be if the one who is infatuated isn’t willing to take the risk of confessing, which may or may not lead things to where he/she wants it to.

Just yesterday, as my friends and I were having a karaoke session, we were singing “Teardrops on my Guitar” and I found myself relating to the song. Especially the lines, “She’d better hold him tight, give him all her love. Look in those beautiful eyes and know she’s lucky.” (This is really cringe-worthy but please don’t hahaha). 

Taylor Swift is such a powerful person, not in terms of strength but as a figure and emotionally. Not only is she powerful, but she’s kind, lovely and genuine. She is a really really special person. I was just scrolling through her Tumblr, and I realised that she actually cares about her fans (Swifties). She doesn’t look down on everyone else just ’cause she’s up there, like many celebrities nowadays which allowed the fame and popularity to get into their head. And apparently last christmas, she sent gifts to her fans personally. How cool is that! HAHA I want one too Taylor. Anyway, on a side note, I have got my tickets to her 1989 concert in November, and I can’t be any more excited! See you my favourite songwriter/singer :’) 


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