St Margaret’s Primary and Secondary both hold beautiful memories for me. Spending 10 years in the St Margaret’s family, I’ve learnt many important values. 

Charity, Patience and Devotion.

That’s the motto for both schools. All students were required to sing those 3 words (which are in our School Song) every Monday morning during assembly, but I think no one actually understood the meaning of those 3 words, and generally, the entire song. 

On my way to school this morning (went back for food), and during the few hours I spent there, it just struck me how much I enjoyed the time spent in St Margaret’s. I’m not sure what or who made it enjoyable, but I really had the best time of my life especially during my last 2 years there.  2012 was the year that I truly enjoyed the process of learning. It was to the point where I’d feel an emptiness in me if I were to not study for a day. It was also the time where I didn’t dread school (of course, excluding Exams and Results Release). But other than that, I looked forward to going to school everyday. I could wake up at 5:45, and get to school by 6:45, without feeling any form of tire.

And it was a very good feeling.

Some may read this post and go, “huh, are you trying to say that you enjoy school and you enjoy studying?” Sounds weird heh? But actually yes. I, to a certain extent actually enjoyed studying. But of course, I enjoyed the process of learning even more. Not like knowing the different types of waves or forests, or knowing how to prove that one triangle was congruent to the other will have any effect on my future (other than my grades, and the opportunities it’d bring), but it was a truly enjoyable time.

But most importantly, I enjoyed the challenge (which may seem ironic to those who took Pure subjects). And I think that is what matters most, and also partly why I want to leave Perth.

Living without any challenges is a really dangerous step. Without any challenges in life, you’d be so self obsessed because you’d think that you’re the best, because there’s no one better than you. But the truth is, you haven’t even been exposed to the world. It’s like living in a well, where you think the portion of the sky you look up above to, is the entire sky. Not knowing that what you’re looking is only less than a fraction of the real thing. There’s actually a Chinese idiom for this and it’s, 井底之蛙.

Of course though, a life without challenges can be smooth sailing but as the saying goes, “a calm sea never made a skilled sailor.”

But in contrast, having challenges does not exactly mean that you’d succeed in life. It’s what you do to face and overcome the challenges that moulds you to be a stronger person and thus allowing you to succeed in the future. And this is never easy. You could have the highest IQ in the world, but if you can’t work under pressure or don’t even have a bit of EQ, it’s most likely that you wouldn’t be able to rise above the challenge. 

Academic qualifications does not show who you are as a person. Yes, though academic qualifications is indeed an important factor employers consider when recruiting a potential candidate, I believe that one’s character should be taken into consideration as well. As cliché as it may be, it’s true (maybe that’s why it’s a cliché haha).

My thoughts are pretty scattered in this post and I’m sorry, i’m just really tired haha and yup too lazy and tired to come up with a decent conclusion (again). I’ll try harder next time!


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