Yesterday, my mum asked me to watch the video of Natalie Portman’s speech at Harvard Graduation Ceremony this year (link below). In the video, she spoke about how she was looked down on by the people around her when she entered Harvard – them telling her that acting is a frivolous job and that she got into Harvard just ’cause she’s a widely known actress. To quote her, she said, “I couldn’t shake my self-doubt. I got in only because I was famous: that was how others saw me, that was how I saw myself.” 

And I was really thankful for chancing upon this video and this quote, Whoever is trying to bring you down is already beneath you.”

Watching the video really enlightened me especially when I am one who is easily affected by what people say about my abilities. Also, in the video, she spoke about how everyone should make use of their inexperience and use it as an asset of theirs. Also that, we should always take (calculated) risks. 

“If your reasons are your own, your path — even if it’s a strange and clumsy path — will be wholly yours and you will control the rewards of what you do if you make your internal path fulfilling,” she said.

All in all, the 20 minutes video really enlightened more than anyone has ever when it comes to this topic – insecurities of being not good enough. 

And for anyone who is reading, and face the same problem, do watch the video and I hope that it’ll enlighten you as much as it did for me x

Oh and on a side note, Natalie and I got our tickets for Taylor Swift’s 1989 show in Nov!!

Initially we bought Category 3 tickets during the priority sales using her parent’s AMEX ’cause they didn’t allow her to buy Category 1 or 2. But then, when the ticket sales opened to the public, we decided to buy Category 1 tickets instead, and then sell our Cat 3 at a higher price to cover the cost difference. But obviously ’cause Taylor Swift is so popular, the tickets to her show were fully sold out within minutes of the start of public sales. 

So then, as we knew that they’d be people reselling the tickets on other platforms like Carousel, Gumtree etc. we decided to give it a look. Firstly, we put our tickets up for sale and so many people asked about it. Then, we put up a listing to buy Cat 1 tickets. The entire process of buying and selling tickets took an entire day, with people ditching us halfway because they got confused over the date of the concert (our initial buyer), and the price of the ticket (our initial seller). 

But in the end, we managed to come to a good deal. We sold our pair of Cat 3 tickets for $760, and bought our Cat 1 tickets for $820 which is honestly, a great (understatement) deal considering that the original price for Cat 1 is $328 (so $656 for a pair), and $238 for Cat 3 (so $472 for a pair). Hence technically, we saved like $120 in total? (656-472-60) Despite going from Cat 3 to Cat 1 so it was really really great hahaha but it was a bad day (30th June) in general ’cause people kept ditching us. 

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset
Here are our Cat 3 tickets!!!


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