Honestly, I don’t want to come of as someone with a bloated ego but I think for someone who is turning 18, I consider the level of my ability to think in different perspectives to be slightly above average. 

Give me (almost) any situation, and i’ll be able to come up with at least 2 contrasting perspectives for you, which is actually a problem for me because that makes me really indecisive. 

Just because I empathise and see things from the same POV as you do, does not exactly and necessarily mean that I’d agree with you, or even do things your way. 

For example recently, gay marriage became legal in United States. I am happy for all gay couples out there because I feel that everyone should be given the freedom to love whoever they want. But, just because I agree with people being gay, does not mean that I’d want to be gay as well. I’m not against people being gay, but I won’t be, because that’s just not where my interest is in (haha). Makes sense right?

So similarly xxx, I hope that just because I don’t agree with your words and thoughts does not, in any way, mean that I disrespect you or don’t empathise for you. I truly understand where you’re coming from, and I am trying my best. 

Don’t give me an ultimatum and expect me to acquiesce to your commands. Nothing good will ever come out of a deal made out of threats. 

Besides, ultimatums don’t work well on me. Things will go the way you don’t want them to go. 

All I hope for you now, is that you’d give me your support, and meet me half way there. I’ve already taken three steps forward and you, I feel, have yet to take even one. 

For my whole life, you have doubted me and shot me down so many times, and the only time you supported me was when you felt that I could succeed and that if I did, it’d bring pride to you. But that is not what this is all about. 

To support someone, is to support their decisions whether good or bad, as long as it’s morally upright and when it’s not out of bad intentions. And even if it doesn’t end up right, support them anyway. Guide them along, help them get up, and encourage them to try again. 

All of these may be easy to say for someone my age. It’s true that I haven’t experienced any challenge-worthy problems in my life as of now, so till then, take what I say with a pinch of salt x


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