part and parcel;

Being a successful elder sibling is definitely a major coup. Especially if that younger sibling of yours is slightly more adventurous and playful than the other kids of her age.

Going through what she’s going through now, I’d know that it’s an inevitable phase and that no matter how much advice and guidance people offered, I’d never heed any of them because at that moment, I was too blinded by what was supposedly deemed as cool.

Oh the satisfaction of lying to my parents and managing to get away with it proved how rebellious and “brave” I was; how I was acknowledged and accepted socially. The contentedness I’d get when I successfully managed to slide my phone right under the table while using it in class when the teacher circled around me. The excitement I’d get when I got thrown into detention. All of these were thrills that spurred me on, be it positively or negatively.

Though eventually, I did manage to find the light that led me out of the tunnel. Those days in the tunnel were reckless, ridiculous and led with a “yolo” mentality which made them unbelievably, incredibly interesting and fulfilling. Most of the adventures and experiences I had in it are really the ones I’d never forget.

Of course, despite the thrills and fun I had, I wouldn’t necessarily volunteer to go back for the fun of it as it was one of the most aimlessness and purposelessness phase. I lived everyday thinking of the day itself and not what could possibly come. Ergo, I did not anticipate or prepare for the future (even if it was just the near future). But I believe that it was a necessary phase.

I can’t imagine and relate to anyone who live their entire life decorously. There’s ought to be a period where you find no need or at least, feel unobligated to live by the society’s requirements and standards. To do something out of the norm. To do something that you’ve always wanted to do, without the fear of being judged by the society. But of course, that doesn’t really mean that you are granted the pass to disregard everyone around to indulge in every whim of yours. 

As much as I want my sister to get out of the this phase, I’m clearly aware that she won’t be able to because at her age, this is what they do. In her generation, this is what they do. And I am really empathetic towards that but I am hopeful that when it’s time for her to turn her life around, she would be able to. Maybe not easily, but eventually. 


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