Best day of September, or maybe of 2015.

Yesterday night – 19 September, I attended the Grand Prix Formula 1. Not for the race but for the stage that was going to hold a Maroon 5 concert. Maroon 5 aka Animals aka Sugar aka Moves like Jagger aka Adam Levine. 

Considering the first and only concert I went for was 4 years back – My World tour, Justin Bieber, I really wasn’t expecting much even though I have always admired Adam Levine for his vocals, marvel at his infamous string of tattoos and of course, fall for his God-like features (you can’t fight me on this CAUSE LIKE ER SAW HIM IRL HAHAHA on a side note, I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms :-( ).

Ok so, the concert started at 11PM, Natalie and I went there at about 7PM to find our way to the front considering it’s free standing. Managed to squeeze our way to the front (almost) without trampling on people. In the 4 hours +- that we queued, all was spent whining and complaining about the lack of fresh air, and the ickiness of everybody at which all, became of no issue when Maroon 5 hyped the Padang stage up with “Animals”.

After the first song, through the 4K or 8K or even higher resolution screen, we could all see beads of perspiration (literally, not even exaggerating) building up on Matt, James and Adam’s face. And this is also one of the few occasions I feel thankful for the climate of Singapore because Adam took off his shirt shortly after he complained about the humidity :’)

Throughout the concert, I was for some reason touched. Not quite sure why but it felt so surreal to stand just a few metres away from one of the hottest band, and also the sexiest man alive of 2013!!! (Though he could do greater with more hair) And also to see his tattoos up close (not really close BUT YOU GET ME). It was really unreal but yet all, real at the same time. 

Also, at concerts, I think I’m not the only one who gets goosebumps when the crowd sing along right? Or sing on behalf of the singer. Last night, the band started “This Love” off with an acoustic version sung by the crowd and it was truly heartwarming. In addition, Maroon 5 sounded exactly the same, if not, better live than recorded so imagine the excitement and the atmosphere at the Padang that night. I really am speechless about how great Adam sounded live. How he hit every note right, and both entertained the crowd and put his feelings into the song, providing an impressive and unforgettable experience for all who were present. 

To sing along with M5, to see Adam Levine live, to partake in a Maroon 5 concert should truly be a part of everyone’s bucket list. Whether or not you’re a fan. 

2015 I realised, has been a pretty hot year for Singapore? With so many popular artists like Ed Sheeran (!!), Michael Buble, One Direction, Pentatonix, Kodaline, Muse, Imagine Dragons (!!), Pharrell, Maroon 5 (!!), Bon Jovi (!!), Taylor Swift (!!), Ultra Music Festival, and Big Bang, Super Junior and Infinite for KPOP fans, I really wonder how organisers expect fans to have the financial capabilities to fund the tickets. 

And also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends who were involved, for contributing to the ticket as my very advanced birthday present. Knowing that I’ve wanted to go for the concert yet couldn’t find any companion (either had exams or had no money), and then buying two tickets for me to bring a friend along is really a gesture that I appreciate and will remember. 

It was really a memorable night for everyone who were at the venue and I hope Maroon 5 enjoyed it as much as us and would return soon (preferably when I’m in town too ahaha). 



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