Kuala Lumpur

I’m not quite sure as to what I’m actually seeking. Is it to live a solitary life or simply not being in Singapore? When I’m away from Singapore, I just tend to feel so free. Spending the past 6 days in Kuala Lumpur, I realised that I don’t look forward to going back to Singapore. Maybe just for the couple of friends. But generally, I just want to leave to another country. 

Malaysia, as compared to Singapore, is a place which is under developed. With litters being scattered everywhere and having to actually keep your belongings properly, most who grew up living in Singapore would not anticipate a trip to Malaysia. But this trip back to my mum’s hometown really allowed me to see Malaysia, or at least KL, from a different perspective. 

Maybe it’s the family ties, maybe it’s the food, maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the place or maybe it’s just me, but this place makes me feel like I’m at home. 

Family members here are those whom I see once every couple of years. We seldom talk but when we do, I don’t feel any distance between us. They are just so welcoming. I think not being brought up in a society where not everyone is after wealth, status and fame, you really grow to know about the importance and value of family love. In Chinese, we call it, “亲情的珍贵.”

In Singapore, even with cousins whom I see once every few months, I still feel distant. And when we manage to find a common topic, it’d most likely be about studies or what they want to be in the future. Everyone is just too preoccupied with their own matters to give time to their family members. 

Yes, some here may not be as affluent. But they live a life that’s filled with love and meaning. True, some here may not be as educated. But some of them have more morals than those holding a Bachelors Degree.  So essentially, what matters? 

As irrelevant as this may get, if people of different backgrounds and cultures are put together into a Hunger Games arena, who will be the one? The rich? The poor? The educated? The uneducated? The minority?


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