Looking back at 2015 + holiday in South Korea

Read “24 Powerful Ways To Finish The Year Off Right” on Thought Catalog and it inspired me to write up this post. 

I picked out a few for this post.”Make a list of the 15 best things you did this year”, “Make a list of 5 things you wish you’d done this year, but didn’t” (which I hope I’d do within the next couple of weeks before the New Year comes), “Make a list of 10 things that surprised you in the past year.” 

I’d say 2015, has been one of the most relaxing and yet, hectic year. Relaxing because I didn’t really have to do much physical work in terms of my academics. But hectic because I have gone through a lot of family, and personal issues. This is a year where I really challenge myself to handling problems on my own , and learning how to not rely on anyone, and be independent for my own sake. 

1. Make a list of the 15 best things (tiny victories, or more) you did this year.

I can get a few off the top of my head, but after about 3, I think it’d require some thinking. Not too sure if I should add in the explanation ’cause it might make the post a little too long but I think I would, for some which I think require. 

  • Pursuing my interest despite the consequences – fallout between my dad and I. 
  • Learning how to appreciate solitude. 
  • Accepting my weaknesses. 
  • Standing up for injust situations and making sure things get straightened out. 
  • Posting on my WordPress somewhat regularly. 
  • Learnt how to use the different P/A/S/M modes,  ISO, aperture functions on my camera (no longer using auto mode). 
  • Travelled with my own money (plane tickets, accommodation and expenses). 
  • Filtered out the things and people that don’t matter.
  • Learnt how to snowboard. 
  • Become more patient towards my sister (I think), but somewhat I feel more distant because I haven’t really been around. 
  • Become less homesick, and attached to people back in SG, which I think is a good thing. 
  • Being more adventurous. Daring to travel and wander around alone. 
  • Being less inclined to give in to peer pressure; have my own thoughts abit certain things and wouldn’t be pressured to change it.
  • Had a lot of much needed alone time which I spent self reflecting. 
  • Travelling around Korea and Perth myself (almost).
  • Survived work at HHN5, USS. 

Haha to be honest, I took quite some time to come up with that list and I realised, initially, I would start up with more general “feat” and would slowly wind into smaller and more detailed life skills like improving on my photography skills, learning how to snowboard etc. The next point I picked for this post is,

2. Make a list of 5 things you wish you’d done this year, but didn’t. (Considering it’s only 7th of December, I still have time to do some of it?) Wish I had,

  • Picked up kickboxing. 
  • Travelled more. Maybe Melbourne and New Zealand. 
  • Bowled more. 
  • Learnt about my own insecurities and anxieties. I really don’t know what they are and the only reason why I know the exist, is because of all the dreams that I’ve been having. 
  • Tell – my feelings just so that I can get it out after 3 years. 

Notice how the fifth is in present tense. 

3. Make a list of 10 (which i’m changing to 5) things that (you learnt about yourself) and surprised you in the past year. 

  • Met Taylor Swift, Adam Levine and Julian Cheung (Chilam) :’)
  • My alcohol tolerance level (lol)
  • How much I love travelling (but not being on planes). Not just overseas but also wandering around Singapore.
  • My interest towards photography. 
  •  That snowboarding is actually a sport I want to pick up (pretty sure it’s not a fleeting interest).

Anyway, I realised I didn’t mention that I have been in Korea for the past 2 weeks. Gonna be quite tiring to blog about that so i’m just going to let pictures speak for themselves! Here you go. 



taken at Myeongdong on my first day in Seoul (27th November)


at Bukchon Hanok Village
Line Friends shop which I must admit was a little gay, but hella cute
this is at Nami Island, where Winter Sonata was filmed
this is Petite France which was mesmirising – christmas decors, chic houses
it started snowing in Seoul! this was when we were gonna board the bus to the ski resort (3rd December)



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