Out with the old, in with the new (year)

2015, was a year of heartaches, personal accomplishments and growth. Yet another year has gone by with me not telling this other person how I feel. This year, despite the numerous breakthroughs I’ve had, was quite a bad year honestly. All the hurdles and obstacles that I had to jump through one after another. 

If I were to rate how smooth-sailing 2015 was on a scale of 1-10, I would probably say it was a 6. But if it was a scale of how much emotional wreck it was, it’d be a 8.

2016 I know, is going to be hectic year as I will be applying to Universities, and judging by how my friends in UK are handling their applications – having to wait in suspense for the numerous university’s replies, and then being disappointed by a rejection, I think I roughly know what to expect. 

This year, one of the new year resolutions I (just) came up with, is to not look back on missed chances, and lost opportunities. To live as day comes, anticipate, and continue looking forward. Of course, on the list of resolutions, there are many other trite and general goals that I listed for myself – spend less, start saving on a more frequent basis, travel more, dedicate more time to my loved ones (despite being far away from them), treasure friendships.

But year by year, I realised, what you set in your yearly new year’s resolutions will be accomplished as long as you strive to be a better person everyday. Better person as in, always seeking opportunities to improve yourself. Because through that, you’d always reflect, which is when you’ll discover your flaws, and start to improve on it.

2016, will be better. Or at least, I’d try to make it good. 

Wishing everyone a belated merry christmas, and happy 2016.

May all be blessed with a good year ahead!


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