7th day in UK

Today, 17th January, marks my 7th day here in Brighton, UK. Not sure if it’s the place I’m staying, or the city, or both that makes me feel so comfortable here. 

Unlike to the hostile Homestay family I had in Australia, the family I’m staying with (not considered as Homestay as I’m not exactly their responsibility and I’m just actually renting a room), is so friendly and welcoming. Here, I feel at home. Usually, I’d be afraid of dogs, but here, they have a dashchund named Blossom, who is the most adorable. Except a little noisy when she gets excited. 

Outside the house, the city is beautiful. Brighton has always been cited as a popular destination for both tourists and British due to the many activities and robust culture of the place, attracting all ages to this small city. 

Though it’s really a little chilly, and very wet (as my landlord did say, “welcome to England” when I got home drenched on the first day), so far, my impression of this place is really a energetic place to live in. 

School wise, the teachers are really helpful and engaging. Especially the welfare teachers who are actually  concerned about the welfare of us, international students and our interests. And my subjects – law, politics are really quite interesting. Something I never actually thought I would say to be honest. 

For my schoolmates, well, all I can say is that many dress as if they are attending a fashion show. Showing up to school with Prada shoes, Louis Vuitton bag and Chanel handbag. The question becomes, is there really a need to? Who are you trying to impress? 

For my seventh day here, I would say, Brighton is really a lovely place to be in despite the higher cost of living as compared to Singapore, and really really chilly and wet weather. And I can’t wait to see how my next 8 months here would be. To a better and busier year, 2016 I’m ready. 


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