University Application + CNY 2016

Hi! It has been 1 month since I have been here in Brighton and all has been well (except for a classmate of mine)! We are all in the process of doing up our UCAS application. For people who are unaware, UK has this system where students use to apply for universities. Almost like JAE except you have to submit a personal statement (4000> words, 47 lines ~), all your personal information, education background and any work experience. So generally, it’s more to throwing 6 choices (where we have 5), and ranking them (something we don’t have to do). 

I completed my personal statement today, so I’m kinda at the last step of the whole application already? After this, I would have to submit it, and just wait for universities to send me offers or reject my application. This period, I heard, will be the worst and most tedious. Because sometimes, you can wait up to 3 months for a reply that rejects you which can be rather devastating. 

I will be applying to University of Bristol, Durham, Nottingham, Warwick and Birmingham (ranked based on my choice). And I’m really having mixed feelings? Because let’s say, hypothetically and optimistically, I get offers from all five, or at least Bristol, Durham and Nottingham, I actually have to reject 1, and rank the other 2. And for this, we only have a short period of time to do so. Hence, I don’t want to end up panicking and make the wrong choice so I’m like really putting a lot of effort into trying to distinguish the three schools and decide which should be my ‘first’ and ‘second’ choice.

Oh and also, there’s this test called the LNAT which students applying to study Law at certain universities need to take, typically, the top few schools – Oxford, UCL, KCL, Durham, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham and a few more I think. And if you haven’t realised, 4 of my choices require LNAT. LNAT consists of two sections – 42 MCQs and an essay. It is not as easy as it sounds! Though it doesn’t test us on our legal knowledge, it tests us on our brain stamina, and reading ability. There’s like 12 passages that we have to read, and answer 3-4 questions per passage and it is really tiring because, the passages are not short, and definitely not simple. In fact, really complex, with many technical terms and whatnot. And as for me, what’s worse is that it is computer-based aka no highlighting/underlining etc. As for the essay, we have to choose one out of three argumentative questions given, and provide a well-balanced essay.

I went to London on Monday 08/02 (yes, on Chinese New Year) to do my LNAT. Well, the MCQ section, I would say, wasn’t as bad as some past papers I did. And for the essay, I was actually quite prepared? Because my Politics teacher actually spent a lesson talking about it and also provided us the advantages and disadvantages of it, which made the whole essay so much easier to craft. So I’m really hoping it goes well, and I get a decent score. Apparently, the average international score for LNAT is 23.3/42 this year?

Ok anyway, so for LNAT, only the MCQ section is marked. The essay is sent to the universities we applied to, and is subjected to each university’s grading. And the thing is, because I did my LNAT after January, I will only receive my results in July and schools will receive it first. Which technically means there’s no point in me knowing anyway because by July, I mostly likely would have received replies from all the schools? Good thing is, some schools really value your LNAT score, and some schools don’t require LNAT at all (eg. Warwick). But the bad thing is, some schools (eg. UCL) automatically rejects students if their LNAT is below their cut off which sucks cause some people have superb A Level/GCSE results. But then again, these people tend to do really well haha. I really hope I can get 25~ though.

So yup, probably gonna submit my application by the end of this week, and may the odds be in my favour ahaha.

Well anyway, after my LNAT, I went to Chinatown to do some sightseeing and it was quite comforting to be honest. Being with all the Chinese/Cantonese-speaking people, and all the childhood and Chinese new year snacks, almost makes me feel like I’m back at home.

Going to have half-term holidays next week (5 days), and I’m probably going to spend it in London myself. Can’t be bothered to go with my classmate because she’s so selfish and I always have to accommodate her – something I’m absolutely done doing. *Ignore the rest of this paragraph if you don’t wish to read my rants*. A few weeks ago, I went to London with her in hopes to do some sightseeing since it was my first time there (wasn’t her first). Initially, knowing her (compulsive shopper who goes after luxury brands – superficial), I decided that we should come up with places to go to visit. We had about 3 places named, considering we were going to be there for about half a day. End up, we literally walked around ONE STREET. It was legit like the Orchard equivalent street. I was quite annoyed?? I wanted to see the Big Ben, London Bridge, take tourists pictures and shit and there I was, giving her comments on the £400 Valentino sneakers that she wanted to get?? Jesus. Never again. And also, when we went to take LNAT in London (together with another classmate – Bryan). Knowing that LSE was and is still my dream school, I was suggesting we could pop by the campus to busk around the area. Because from the LNAT place, LSE is literally a 5-10 minutes walk. But to her, and I quote, “the trip is a waste of time and unnecessary because the school is literally a fort, and we can’t go in.” I don’t see how spending £400 on a pair of white branded sneaker is necessary at all??? So if I don’t pass judgement on your decisions, have the courtesy to keep your opinions to yourself? Being very annoyed, I was like, “Fine. Bryan doesn’t mind going so you can sit somewhere, and we’ll look for you after since you don’t want to follow.” And she showed me attitude. I’m so tired dealing with a spoilt character, making it seem like everyone owes her a living. And also, she’s so rude and obnoxious towards teachers?? When teachers talk to her, she’d just nod or ignore. It’s frustrating to watch because the teacher is trying very hard to communicate with her, and she makes it impossible to do so. Also, she keeps using her phone in class and it’s not even to attend to matters. It’s to scroll through Instagram, google actors in movies etc. For example today, she was trying to find an actor’s name while the teacher was teaching and he was just like, “x, can you do that after class?” and she was like, “wait, wait, this is important” and he literally just waited. The entire class did for like 15 secs which is quite long. Like 15 secs was just spent staring at her, and waiting for her to be done fiddling with her phone. Yet, she was not a tad bit embarrassed??? So I snapped and said, “wth, can’t you just search for it later??” and she said, “no, otherwise I will feel very unsettled” and I legit just rolled my eyes. She’s ridiculous and has no respect for anyone. Even herself. Oh and also, last week, I walked past one of our teachers, and he actually stopped to ask me if he did anything to offend her as he was beginning to take her demeanour personally. Isn’t that quite upsetting?? Because of her selfishness and lack of any sense of politeness, a teacher is actually questioning himself, so that he might apologise to make things better or something. So yup, if you read this whole chunk of me ranting, I really appreciate it haha.

And yes! London next week! I can’t wait. When I told my mum that I was in London a few weeks back, she told me that she was proud of me because when I was young, I told her that I want to see the London Bridge and see Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson), and that now, I’m so near it :’) Indeed you know? Who would have thought? It’s so heartening that my mum remembers what I said probably 10 years ago though :’) Didn’t get to see it that time, but I definitely will next week. Big Ben Tower, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tate Modern, and many other places, I’m coming for you!


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