Hi everyone! I went to London on Wednesday with my schoolmate, Junny, and it was really really great. And exhausting. Initially, I came up with an itinerary of places I really wanted to go, but then my friend tagged along so we didn’t go to some places (it was still pretty fun though) like, ABRSM, Royal College of Music, LSE, Royal Courts of Justice. 

We practically toured almost all there is to tour in London within a day, and both of us came back to Brighton feeling really accomplished and satisfied. 

We started off at the Buckingham Palace. You know, the thing is when we went there, we weren’t expecting a huge crowd because we thought, how can there be so many people there at the Palace to watch the changing of guards every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (for Feb), and everyday for some other months. But we couldn’t have been more wrong when we arrived at the Palace, and realised we had no idea where to go because there were people everywhere. After managing to squeeze our way through the crowd to find a spot to watch the ceremony (?), we were really enthralled by the soldiers, and horses that paraded through the square. Also, by the band. And the Palace itself. Oh, and the gates. Everything there was just so grand. So surreal. 

After the Buckingham Palace, we went to Baker Street (221B, to be exact). Yes, Sherlock Holmes’ fans, you are right. It’s his home. Personally, I haven’t watched any of the films but my schoolmate is a huge fan of his, hence the trip. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter this, we went to King Cross Station!! (aka Platform 9 3/4 for Harry Potter fans!) To be honest, I only jumped onto the HP bandwagon when I arrived in UK ahah. Was really fascinated by the photo opportunity at Platform 9 3/4, and the trolley. The shop was pretty cool too. It had wands, chess pieces, clothing, hedwigs soft toys which I really wanted to buy and many other really intriguing objects that belongs in Hogwarts.

Oh, and something worth mentioning is that, we spent almost 50 mins queueing for the picture at Platform 9 3/4. But it felt like 20 mins. I’m guessing a little wizardry happened? :P 

After King Cross, we went to Camden for lunch and it was so country like! Junny was so excited because it reminded her of Taiwan. With all the street food that is so unlike of London, she can’t be blamed! We bought chinese food and it was so good to the extent that Junny actually asked if there’s any university nearby HAHAHA she said if there was, she wouldn’t hesitate to pick that university to study in just because of the food there. Indeed though, Camden Lock/ Camden Market really has a wide variety of food that tastes really really good. 

Then, we went to the British Museum which really wasn’t that interesting. Followed by that, we went to visit the three main attractions of London!! The Tower Bridge (commonly mistaken as the London Bridge, which is actually just a highway), the London Eye and the Big Ben Tower!! All three were equally stunning. But I felt that the Tower Bridge was the most magnificent. I shall let the pictures below do the talking. After walking close to 26,000 steps, and about  18km, we were both exhausted.


Those pictures of the Big Ben definitely doesn’t do any justice to it. It was wet, and really cold ahah sorry!

Just some extra pictures here!


And also, I went to Brighton Pier with few other classmates on Thursday. It was a lot of fun even though we were all freezing!







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