Hi everyone! It felt like it has been quite some time since I last posted something so…

Anyway, I’m currently on my Easter Break!! Exams ended last week and I think apart from English, the other two subjects didn’t go as well. Because we’re given the option to retake our exam, the entire class is actually planning on retake both our Law 1 and Politics 1 paper next term? Though may produce better results, the otherwise may happen because we’ll have to juggle Law 2 and Politics 2 on the same hand. That means 4 core exams = 16 essays within 3 days. That also means more content to cover when studying. So it might not actually be practical and as easy? Results will be out on the 5th, hopefully all will go well!!! I won’t retake if I get 75%< for my papers!!

Anyway, school aside!!! This Easter, I’m going to go to Edinburgh with 2 of my schoolmates and Stephanie from St Margs who is also in UK! Honestly quite excited, despite not really enjoying company when travelling. 

Oh and also, I’m finally moving into the new house with the 2 of my classmates on the 1st of April! Very hyped. 

Errr yup, not much to update actually!! Bye ahaha


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