Hi! Sorry for not being as active here recently (to people who actually read my blog, thank you!!). Anyway, April and May has been quite fun. Realised I didn’t talk about Edinburgh trip last month. Also, I’m on my way back to London from Cambridge. I’ll just cover both cities here!

Firstly, I went to Edinburgh with my friends over the Easter break. Edinburgh, is a place that is traditional and yet modern. English and Scottish all at the same time. Didn’t do much at Edinburgh. Scaled the Arthur’s Seat which was really tiring. Plus, it didn’t help that it started raining the moment we reached the peak which made it a really tough trip down. Saw Edinburgh from the Calton Hill which was breathtaking and refreshing. Apart from those 2, I think there isn’t really much to do in Edinburgh. Mainly just sightseeing. 

Oh and before Edinburgh, we spent a day at Blackpool, Lancashire. It’s a small town with a really huge theme park – Nickolodeon + some other random stuff. I really wanted to go on the huge roller coaster but it was too windy that day so that ride was closed :/

And the most recent trip to Cambridge! It’s really a place that’s rich in culture and tradition. There’s not much to say about Cambridge actually. Basically, I would think the main “attraction” of the city would be the colleges of University of Cambridge and punting along the River Cam. Also, the amusement park that we happened to sight which isn’t even very popular considering I can’t find it on google. But out of all the amusement parks I’ve been to, including Disneyland and Universal Studios, this one at Cambridge beats all hands down. Honestly, it was so exhilarating. I’m seldom get headaches or dizzy on rides but here, I did. And for the rest, I shall just let the pictures speak for themselves! It’s a pity it’s exam period and many of the colleges were closed to the public. 

Oh and also, we were walking along Jesus Green when we noticed a huge crowd drinking and partying with police guarding the area. Out of curiosity, I asked the police what was going on and he said, “it’s an unofficial drinking party before the start of exams.” Don’t you want to matriculate at Cambridge too? 

And yes, that’s about it! And for results wise, I did quite decent and i’m not gonna retake!! Ahah till another time guys!!


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