It was 22:30, we were on our train back to our hotel (which was beside CDG airport) from Disneyland. The journey was supposed to be 10 minutes. 

Both of us were just talking, and time flew. Only half an hour later, we realised we missed our stop, and were told that the train wasn’t gonna stop till 1.5 hour later. That was about 00:45, and we had a flight to catch at 07:15.

Naturally, we started panicking and were then told by the train conductor that our only possible way back to Paris was to catch the first train back at 05:37 from Lille, which would arrive at abou 07:00. And obviously that would make it impossible for us to catch the plane back to London. That would also make us miss our subsequent flight back to SG at 13:00 and HK 10:00.

It was so exciting but yet scary at the same time. We were on the train towards the city of Lille, in Paris which is right before the border of Belgium, which was 2 hours from our destination. 

We tried looking for ways to go back – Uber, late night coach services, plane from Belgium. But none were possible especially as we didn’t have our passport. And Uber would have costed at least €500. That’s $750-800. And i’m not even sure if that’s enough. 

So then we alighted at Lille, and immediately bought tickets for the first train which was in 5 hours, then checked into a hotel opposite of the train station and rested for a few hours. 

I could not be more thankful for someone like him because I think he handled the problem really well. I think there is always a possibility of being with someone who’d have made things worse by panicking, or whining throughout. 

Maybe that wouldn’t have been practical. Not maybe, perhaps definitely. But, not everyone can be practical in times like those.

After this trip, and the months of living, and getting to know each other, I think he is someone I want to get to know even better. 


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